Team translation. Procedure:

  1. The student whose name appears at the bottom of this initial message must post a first draft of the translation of the passage below (by Wednesday).
  2. The rest of the class (all the students in the course) can then give feedback on the initial draft (until Friday at 14:00). Please note that you are not supposed to post a new version of the whole text! Your comments, suggestions, etc. MUST BE IN ENGLISH, should focus on the translation of specific elements (isolated words, phrases or individual sentences) and contain some sort of justification. You can either comment on any aspect of the proposed translation, or react to someone else's proposals/comments. Be clear and to the point.
  3. The student in charge of the initial draft will then use this feedback to produce a new improved version of the text and post it as a final message to the forum (by Monday), together with a short appraisal (10-20 lines) of his/her classmates' suggestions.